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    The League of Gods is a fantasy fairy movie, presented by BONA FILM GROUP CO.,LTD and CHINA STAR MOVIE LTD, which is directed by Xu An and Yang Longcheng, and performed by Jet Li, Fan Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming, Angela Baby, Louis Koo, Tony Leung, Jacky, Wen Zhang, Summer Xu and so on. Rearranged from Chinese classical novel the Investiture of the Gods, the movie adopt Hollywood 3D technique to show the visual spectacle, which break the traditional visual sense.

    In the movie, little Nezha is produced by America special-effects team, using super-high standard GC technique. Its quirky and cute image is very popular among movie fans. When appear on the scene, blink of the eyes, looking around, adorkable dance in the deck, and playing the forehead of dragon king third prince, naughty bear child character greatly shows. Since release, a number of fans were stormed by its image of MengBao.

    【Genuine authorized and heavy built】

    In order to bring the adorable image of little Nezha to more children, Shifeng culture, cooperated with professional team of the League of Gods, build a high-tech intelligent Nezha robot, which highly restore the image of Nezha and is with story connotation, particularly, the original dubbing stars for the film are invited to take part in the production, which makes the Nezha robot into a sense of image of Nezha in the film.

    【Seven kinds of intelligent models】

    With the technique of voice recognition, Nazha robot will do whatever you want; implanted in with human feelings, its witty words can make you laughing; special gesture tracking function can make the Nezha robot moving; due to the advanced gyroscope self-balancing equipment, it is so easy for the robot to slide and rotate; innovative infrared scanning technology will help the robot keep away from barrier flexibly; built-in cool songs, dancing with different music rhythms; in the model of fighter Ares, Nazha robot open the fighting scenes, all kinds of tricks couldn’t be dealt with.


    Please visit the video, Smart Cat will bring you more wonderful and enjoyable moment!

    【Description of product】

    Suitable age: 6+

    Product model:SF51601




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